Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Leamhain mean and How Do I Pronounce It?

The phonetics of Leamhain are 'LAO-EN'. Leamhain is Gaeilge for The Laune River, situated in Killorglin, County Kerry. This is where the concept of creating a premium non-dairy ice cream was born.

Where Can I Buy Leamhain Pints & Sandwiches?

You can order any of our limited edition non-dairy pints, that are released every 2 weeks, through our 'Shop' section via our website. Your order will be delivered straight to your click and collect location and you will be given a date and time frame to collect your pint. You can find our ice cream sandwiches in multiple stockists throughout Ireland. Please check out out 'Stockists' tab :) We are always on the lookout for more stockists for both our pints and sandwiches! :) If you are interested in stocking Leamhain, please send us an email:

Are There Stablisiers In Leamhain Ice Cream?

All Leamhain ice cream's use mutiple stabilisers consiting of Locust Bean Gum, Guar Gum, Vegetable Glycerine and Soy Lecithin. All stabilisers used are vegan, Gluten & Nut free and GMO free. Stabilisers are used to ensure Leamhain non-dairy ice cream stays creamy (free from ice crystals) and provides a lucious flavour with each spoonful!

Does Leamhain Ice Cream Have Any Artificial Additives?

No, Never! Leamhain will never use articial or fake additives. Every tub of Leamhain non-dairy ice cream is handmade with the best, ethically sourced and local ingredients (whenever possible). Every one of our mix ins and syrups and creams are made from scratch in our kitchen, using real ingredients.

Does Leamhain Ice Cream Contain Any Allergens?

Yes. Leamhain non-dairy ice cream contains Soy and Sulphites. Organic European grown soy milk and gmo free soy lecithin is used in all of our bases. Our glucose syrup contains sulphites.

Does Leamhain Ice Cream Expire?

If a tub of Leamhain ice cream is stored correctly, because it is a frozen product, it will keep for up to one year. However, we do recommend consuming within three months of purchase, for maximum flavour and enjoyment!

What Allergens is Leamhain Ice Cream Free From?

All Leamhain non-dairy ice cream and ice cream sandwiches will always be free from gluten, nuts, articial ingredients, dairy and eggs. Here at Leamhain, we put massive emphasis on using real ingredients, that are ethically sourced and local, where possible. We use: - Raw coconut oil which does not exploit animals in their gathering or processing - Extra virgin olive oil in our shortbread - Dutch cocoa in our brownie bits - Achill Island Sea Salt in all our products - Doves Free from flour in our bakes - Madagascar vanilla pods in our vanilla pints